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Nipro Canada, formerly CardioMed Supplies, manufactures blood collection needles and wing sets, and blood collection tube holders. We also specialize with our distributor partners in innovative medical devices to support optimal patient outcomes and healthcare safety. Biopsafe  www.biopsafe.com eliminates the exposure of harmful formaldehyde during tissue biopsy procedures from spills, handling, or inhalation.  Safety engineering devices for blood taking with our Nipro Safetouch wing sets, feature a passive safety mechanism preventing post-exposure of the needle reducing the risk of needlesticks. Also feature our IP Echo for ultrasound-assisted cannulation for challenging or difficult to access veins. IP Echo, Assess, View, and Cannulate with one access, improves patient comfort.

Evidence based strategies to optimize VAD
outcomes with COVID patients


Infusion and Blood Collection Systems

All Nipro Infusion and Blood Collection Systems are designed to deliver three important benefits:

  • Maximize user safety
  • Minimize patient discomfort
  • Enhance ease of use
Blood Infusion and Collection products:

  • SafeTouch® Winged Infusion Sets
  • Winged Infusion Sets
  • Blood Collection Needles
  • Luer Adapter


Solving a problem for medical staff all over the world

Millions of biopsies are handled in hospitals and clinics every day. This process generally involves the use of formalin which poses a
severe health risk.

BiopSafe delivers an efficient solution to this problem. It is a new and revolutionary method of handling biopsies helping to protect medical personnel all over the world. The BiopSafe vial provides safe formalin handling with a simple touch of your thumb.


The Drop-It multi-use blood collection tube holder features an innovative quick-release mechanism to allow for the safer removal of contaminated sharps. This device is recommended for up to 100 uses and offers significant savings over single use disposable blood collection tube holders.

Punctur-Guard™ Tube Holder with Luer Lock Connector

Punctur-Guard™ holder with Luer lock connector provides an easy secure connection to a needleless connector, Luer IV access points, Marvelous™ Stopcocks, Tego® connectors, etc. Easily adapts with vacuum tube blood sampling devices and complies with OSHA directives.

IP Echo

View, assess, and cannulate vasculature together with IP-ECHO™, an innovative handheld ultrasound imaging system and winner of the 2019 Good Design Award in Japan. Thanks to its user-friendly and compact design, IP-ECHO™ makes it easy to obtain vertical and horizontal “inside” views before, during, and after cannulation.

Evidence-based strategies to enhance patient
safety during the challenges of COVID care

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