Interactive tour within Institute of Medical Practice (iMEP)

Practice what you preach!

iMEP (Institute of Medical Practice) is a research and training center unique to Canada.
Opening in July 2020, this Canadian facility is an extension of Japanese medical excellence with links to Nipro Corporation Japan, a leading global healthcare company.

Visitors to iMEP will have the exciting opportunity of seeing and experiencing elevated patient care in action.

Why visit iMEP?

Our fully equipped, state of the art training center welcomes all healthcare professionals, including medical students. 

This approach fits well within the Japanese “sanpo-yoshi” philosophy. According to this philosophy, a company should also be of service to society. It is in this spirit that iMEP was conceived. We want to provide better, safer, more elevated care for everyone. 


We are one of the very few centers in Canada that can simulate a full-fledged hemodialysis environment. At iMEP, you will find yourself submersed in a real-life (yet trial-proof) setting. As such, (future) healthcare professionals can “safely” practice their skills and “perfect” them before entering the field.

Beyond simulations

Interpersonal, non-technical skills are also of great importance at iMEP. Working as an individual, but also working together as a team, is just as crucial for advanced patient care.

After hearing from trainees about the need for teamwork simulations, we at iMEP made certain to address a challenge often witnessed in the hospital setting. To this end, we introduced training on Crisis Resource Management into our curriculum. 

Our Facility is located at:

5520 Explorer Drive
Mississauga, Ontario
L4W 5L1