Supercath NEO

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Supercath Feature

  • Supercath Neo, Safety Fistula Catheter, helps to reduce accidental
    needlesticks with passive and fully-encased needle shield
  • Applicable to AV fistula and AV graft
  • Clamping the soft tube section with fingers or forceps enables connection to
    blood line system without blood leakage
  • Side holes on catheter allow optimal and smooth blood flow
  • Single piece jointless catheter design prevents clotting and ensures a smooth flow

Supercath Benefit

  • Minimizes risk of damage on vessel wall
  • Can be used on nonideal access site
  • Patients may move their arms during dialysis session
  • Good alternative for patients with metal allergy
  • Smaller sized needles can be used to minimize cannulation site trauma
  • Decreased procedures related to cannulation complications such as damage to the blood vessel
  • Increasing the access survival and cost saving related to access care
  • No need to deal with the sharp needle at the end of the dialysis session

Supercath NEO: Fistula Catheter for Hemodialysis

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