Job Description

Position Title: Accounting Manager Location: 199 Saint David Street, Lindsay, Ontario
 Department: Accounting  Supervisor Title: Director of Finance
 Direct Supervisor: Gary Wylde
 Prepared By: CardioMed Supplies Inc.

Job Summary:

Under the general direction of the Gary Wylde, the incumbent is responsible for the overall function of the Accounting Dept. This includes the direct supervision of the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Dept., the preparation of financial statements, and the responsibility to deal with auditors, banks, and corporate office employees as it pertains to accounting issues

Specific Duties:

Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Supervision of accounting personnel
  • Overall responsibility of CardioMed’s AR, AP, GL
  • Manage Internal Control Issues
  • Maintain the integrity of the Consolidated Financial Data
  • Review and maintain Corporate Policy and Procedures
  • Work with Internal and External Auditors on audit, legal and tax issues
  • Coordinate the implementation of system enhancements and new systems

General Ledger Responsibilities:

  • Monitor closing cycle to comply with closing schedule
  • Reconcile sub-ledgers to GL (Warehouse, Sales & Cost, AR, AP)
  • Reconcile inter-co accounts with NMC
  • Prepare Bank Reconciliations
  • Review and approve Payroll entries
  • Monthly review of Fixed Asset Schedule and prepare depreciation entries
  • Monthly review of Allow for Bad Debt and adjust provision accordingly
  • Review and approve provisions for: Commission, and Bonus.
  • Prepare provision for Expired and To be Expired (3 Mo) Products
  • Responsible for either Approval or Reconciliation of the following GL accounts monthly (can’t do both):
    • Payroll clearing (11029)
    • Prepaid accounts (11200/11201/11221/11230/11233)
    • H.S.T. paid to vendors (11240)
    • Employee Advances (11300)
    • Vendor Deposits (11310)
    • AP Clearing (23025)
    • Accrued Expenses (23060)
    • H.S.T. Charged to Customer (23065)
    • Accrued Sales Commission (23070)
    • Federal & Provincial Corp Tax (24010/24020)
  • Check Signer (move Cardiomed to dual signatures on checks)
  • Approves or set up wire transfers (can’t do both)
  • Approves vendor invoices (within authorized limits)
  • Prepare consolidated cash-flow
  • Review Expenses and report deviations from budget
  • Manage Petty Cash Fund



A Bachelor Degree in Accounting or Finance is required, with 5-10 years’ experience in financial and cost accounting

Human Relations:

Excellent interpersonal skills are required. The job involves education and training as well as supervision. Results will be achieved through the effort of teams and individuals that are influenced by the incumbent.


Complexity of Duties:

This job requires a high degree of involvement in the analysis and presentation of management alternatives to business managers at all levels of the organization. In-depth knowledge of the organization, functions and company policies and procedures is a prerequisite. The ability to think and act independently is a must.

Thinking Environment:

The work requires a high level of judgment and strong analytical skill. Incumbent must be able to think and act independently when carrying out normal day to day activities and when making recommendations to management concerning financial and business decisions.